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As Predicted: Presidential Election Too Close to Call

As Predicted: Presidential Election Too Close to Call

After the highest voter turn out percentage since the 1900 election, the country awoke to a close Presidential race. Former Vice President Joe Biden had 238 electoral college votes and President Donald Trump had 213 with six states still to be decided.

Georigia’s sixteen electoral votes, North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes and Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes were all leaning toward Trump but would not put him at the winning number of 270 votes. Michigan’s 15 electoral votes, Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes and Nevada’s 6 votes would put a democrat into the presidency but voters will have to wait until more counting is complete.

In state races, the House of Representatives looks to still be in the Democrats control and the Senate races are hinting at a continuation of Republican control.

In local races, Republican’s Tony Gonzales and Chip Roy defeated their opponents Democrats Gina Ortiz Jones and Wendy Davis, respectively for Texas Congress.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, a democrat kept his position white State Senator Republican Pete Flores lost to Democrate Roland Gutierrez.

The three city of San Antonio propositions all passed with funding for Pre-K for SA, workforce training and expanded VIA.

In the United States senate race, Incumbent John Cornyn took a decisive win, as predicted.