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Hope for 2021: What Do Students Wish?

Hope for 2021: What Do Students Wish?

“For our grade to get closer together.” -Gabbi Coreless, 9

“To put myself in better environments, focus on school, and be more outgoing.” Kylie Espinoza, 10

“I hope that there will be a vaccine soon for COVID and that things will go back to normal life again.” Anna Camillo, 11

“I hope I won’t have to wear a mask anymore.” Logan Winship, 12

“To keep my grades good and finish with a 4.0.” Lily S., 9

“That it is better than 2020.” Lily W, 10

“To be successful in whatever God has for me.” Bekah W., 11

“I hope it is going to be great and I hope it will teach me a lot of good lesson.” Lex C, 12