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5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman 1984 Was Not Worth The Money

5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman 1984 Was Not Worth The Money

Wonder Woman 1984 is a decent feel-good movie in its own right, but it lacks the usual action and trajectory a superhero film and fails to be a good sequel to box-office hit Wonder Woman. Although it had the potential to be a solid superhero movie, it fell short due to the following problems:

spoilers ahead!


The CGI is inferior.

In the GIF above, the lasso of truth looks like it was hurriedly animated without fully utilizing CGI resources. CGI during fight scenes was undoubtedly lacking.


The villain reveal was anticlimactic.

Wonder Woman Cheetah GIF by Nerdist.com - Find & Share on GIPHY

Instead of striking fear into the hearts of the audience, Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah had viewers stifling laughter and repressing cringes. It has been frequently and accurately compared to the 2019 film Cats.


The trailer was misleading–there’s no action, folks.

Wonder Woman GIF

A majority of the action scenes featured in the trailer occurred in the last thirty to forty minutes of movie. Even then, the context of the action felt underwhelming.


It felt as if the whole movie had built up to nothing.

Wonder Woman Dc GIF by Nerdist.com

Everything that occurred up to the climax was reversed in ten minutes and left the audience wondering, “If they were going to undo everything anyway, why did I watch this?”


You get to watch Steve Trevor die. Again.

Wonder Woman Dc GIF by Nerdist.com

While it was obvious that he couldn’t stick around, if you’re attached to the lovable pilot portrayed by Chris Pine, it isn’t much easier to say goodbye the second time around.

Despite its flaws, fans developed a love-hate relationship to the movie. It had potential; the actors presented well-fleshed-out characters, the soundtrack and costumes were well-crafted, the ending had a positive message, and the few and far between action scenes left audience members wanting more. If these five things had been fixed, Wonder Woman 1984 easily could have been one of the best DCEU movies.

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