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Graduation Countdown


Tune in to March

This month, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock, and Disney+ are releasing a lineup of original movies and tv shows along with some classics like┬áThe Dark Knight Rises. Below, the Revelation Staff presents the top three newly added titles from each platform. NETFLIX March 1 – The Dark Night Rises March 14 – Audrey March 26 – Big Time Rush Seasons […]

Rush Limbaugh Passes Away at 70

Conservative radio talk show host, author, and political commentator Rush Hudson Limbaugh III passed away from stage four lung cancer this morning. Limbaugh was a television host from 1992 to 1996 and had a highly successful radio career of 54 years. Forbes reported his earnings as $84.5 million. He was widely recognized as a prominent voice of the conservative movement […]

Stimulus Check Excludes 17 Year Olds

It looks like President Joe Biden’s congress is going to pass a stimulus bill this month that includes $1400 checks, and there is a debate on who qualifies to receive them. The debate comes into how much should a person make and still be able to receive the stimulus. In sending out these checks, Biden is fulfilling a campaign promise […]

Tribes Moves Due to COVID-19

With student-led worship, Tribe T-shirts, and a last-minute message on John 11, last week’s chapel looked much different than planned. Thursday’s chapel is back on schedule with Tribe Small Groups to make up for last week. Don’t forget to wear your Tribe T-shirts, and if you don’t know where your group is meeting, ask a teacher or see the list […]