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Graduation Countdown


COVID Vaccine And Who Will Get It First

A vaccine could be available next week, but won’t be distributed on a first come first serve basis.  On Tuesday the advisory committee on Immunization Practices, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, voted overwhelmingly in favor of making health care workers and nursing home residents the top priority in Phase 1a. “Health care workers and the residents of long-term care facilities […]

Opinion: Winter Weather Inspires Wardrobe Changes

Winter is coming, and students will wear warmer clothing. The administration restricts what students can wear on spirit civvies, but offers winter civvies as an alternative for anticipated low temperature. On Spirit civvies any sacs jacket may be worn as outerwear, but the rules for winter civvies are basically spirit civvies but with appropriate additional outergarments such as scarves or […]

SpaceX Launches Four Astronauts To Space Station

In a step toward human space flight, SpaceX spacecraft carried four astronauts into outer space on Sunday. This event kicks off what NASA hopes will be a long series of crew rotations between the U.S and space station. Four NASA astronauts are in a Spacecraft named Resilience by its crew because of the many challenges, most notably COVID-19. The astronauts […]

Opinion: Colder Weather Calls For A Change In Uniform

Winter is approching and students will need to wear warmer clothing. At Sacs the students are restricted from wearing non sacs jackets or anything without the sacs logo. Students should be able to wear any outerwear that is sacs appropriate on spirit civvies when colder weather comes along. When buying a Sacs jacket not all of the students will be […]

Election Day Is Tomorrow

Nine million Bexar county texans voted early, totaling 57% of all registered voters. Texans have surpassed the total number of votes from 2016 which was eight million and since then there have been 1.8 million more voters. Due to the pandemic the election voting was extended a week, and officials are expecting a surge in early voters from the mail. […]

Michelle Obama urges Americans to Vote for Joe Biden

On Tuesday Michelle Obama came out with a video urging Americans of all types to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election. In her video she also shares her many thoughts about Trump. “Trump continues to gaslight the American People by acting as if this pandemic is not a real threat”. Michelle Obama followed up her video with this […]

6 Regal Cinemas to Temporarily Close in San Antonio

Regal theaters announced they are closing hundreds of theaters on Thursday including the six in San Antonio and some 45,000 employees will be affected in total. The company says they have no guidance on when they will reopen, and since they are temporarily closing they have been reluctant to release new films. According to KSAT News the Regal theaters are […]