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Forth Worth Texas Pileup Kills 6

Last week a snowstorm caused many Texas drivers to get into a huge pileup in Fort Worth that left people trapped in their cars. Between 75 and 100 vehicles were in the crash that happened around 6 am The build-up lasted for almost a mile on Interstate 35. About 36 people were transported from the scene to area hospitals and […]

A Look Back: 2020 Memes

January: Cats 2019 February: The State of Union Speech being ripped up by Nancy Pelosi March: Animal Crossings: New Horizons Multiplayer April: Gossip Girl May: Elon Musk and Grimes’ baby, X Æ A-12 June: Karens July: Everything is Cake August: What Animal Are You? September: Gender Reveal Parties November: The Vice-Presidential Fly December: Carp

A Look Back: 2020 Sports

January: Suárez might miss six weeks to fix his knee issue. PHOTO BY LLUIS FERNANDEZ SALAS.  February: The NBA All-Star Weekend comes to Chicago for the third time in 2020 for a three-day showcase of the finest basketball players in the world. March: On March 22, Tokyo said that the 2020 Olympics would continue. Australia and Canada announced they would […]

Opinion: Bring Backs Snacks

The snack stand got taken due to COVID-19 and many students are not too happy about it. The snack stand should come back because students get hungry everyday during break time. Here are three reasons why it should come back: It helps people who need the money raised for mission trips in the summer. Not everyone has time to eat […]

COVID-19 Vaccine to Release Soon

Moderna’s two-dose experimental vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19. The biotech company said Monday according to an analysis of it’s clinical trial. The news comes a week after Pfizer and biotech said their latest vaccine was more than 90% effective. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use the same technology to make their vaccines. It’s based on a molecule known as mRNA, […]

School Off for Veterans Day Monday

Schools and work take this specific day off to honor the fallen soldiers and the ones who are still serving and sacrificing their lives to keep this country safe. Veterans Day is Wednesday 11, 2020 but the school will observe the holiday on Monday. It commemorates the end of WW1. It is on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day […]