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Tune In To February

This month, HBO Max, Netflix, and Disney+ are releasing a lineup of original movies and tv shows along with some classics like The Matrix, ICarly, and Cheaper by the Dozen. Below, the Revelation Staff presents the top three newly added titles from each platform. Netflix Inception- February 1st Shutter Island- February 1st iCarly (Seasons 1-2)- February 8th To All the […]

Super Bowl Plans Are Still On

Due to Covid-19, there were speculations of if the Superbowl was going to happen. But plans are still being made and some official announcements indicate the event will happen. Teams are currently in the playoffs to see who gets to play in Super Bowl LIV on February 7 at the Tampa Bay Stadium. The performer’s list is still not fully […]

Opinion: Why All the Hate on Social Media

Social media a huge factor of this generation. It has positive and negative condensations. The media is criticized for not respecting others views, appearance, opinions, or even religion. On the media anything can be said, because it is believed that they will never cross paths or it wont effect them in the long run. Politics is one of these main […]