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Graduation Countdown


90- Degree Temps Coming This Week

This week’s forecast is going to be a hot one, so you should bring out your summer clothes. This Pacific front will be moving across this area through out the week. On Wednesday it will be dry and the high is in the 90’s but the low is 65 degrees. Thursday it will be super hot with a temp of […]

Tune in to April

This month, Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu are releasing a lineup of original movies and tv shows along with throwbacks like┬áNapoleon Dynamite. Below, the Revelation Staff presents the top three newly added titles from each platform. NETFLIX April 1 – Legally Blonde (2001) April 1 – My Fair Lady (1964) April 11 – Diana: The Interview that Shook the World (2020) […]

Mini Retreat

This Wednesday and Thursday, the middle and high schools will be taking a break from the traditional classroom activities to participate in a semi-retreat hosted by CBC. Students will drop off at school per usual, and will be transported to the church via busses. The dress code is spirit civvies on Wednesday and Tribe dress on Thursday (vice versa for […]

Build Up In Suez Canal

Countries are losing billions of dollars because of the sideways ship in the Suez Canal and that is causing other ships not to be able to pass through the canal. The Ever Given is a large container ship that is 220,000-tons and about a quarter-mile long with a 20,000 container capacity. It got stuck Tuesday entering the Suez Canal coming […]

Business Owners struggle finding employees

Covid is placing restraints on restaurants in San Antonio because of opening at 100%, but having no employees to come into work. The businesses in El Paso are also struggling to fill open positions. Since the employment rates are going up its making it harder on businesses. The employees at El Paso businesses do to not want to come back […]