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Graduation Countdown


Opinion: Too Much Homework?

Students have homework every night. Everyone knows that. However, teachers have given students too much homework, and that can lead to many problems. Healthline Magazine, which is an informational website about how to stay healthy, states that “…studies have found that high school students may also be overburdened with homework — so much that it’s taking a toll on their […]

Opinion: Winter Weather Inspires Wardrobe Changes

Winter is coming, and students will wear warmer clothing. The administration restricts what students can wear on spirit civvies, but offers winter civvies as an alternative for anticipated low temperature. On Spirit civvies any sacs jacket may be worn as outerwear, but the rules for winter civvies are basically spirit civvies but with appropriate additional outergarments such as scarves or […]

Opinion: Bring Backs Snacks

The snack stand got taken due to COVID-19 and many students are not too happy about it. The snack stand should come back because students get hungry everyday during break time. Here are three reasons why it should come back: It helps people who need the money raised for mission trips in the summer. Not everyone has time to eat […]

Opinion: Why All the Hate on Social Media

Social media a huge factor of this generation. It has positive and negative condensations. The media is criticized for not respecting others views, appearance, opinions, or even religion. On the media anything can be said, because it is believed that they will never cross paths or it wont effect them in the long run. Politics is one of these main […]

Opinion: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

A new COVID-19 vaccination has been developed by Pfizer, a biopharmaceutical company, with a 90% success rate. With this new development in the global pandemic situation, concerns have risen about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. This vaccination is a step in the direction of overcoming the COVID pandemic, and it should be made available to everyone with first responders […]

Students Share First Day Experiences

Online and offline, the entire campus had its first day of school after a six-month break. The day began like many other first days of school; the students woke up, put on their uniforms, and drove through the front gates. But the similarities stopped there. As soon as they set foot on school grounds, they donned their face masks and […]